12 Hole G Major Alto Ocarina "Aria"

12 Hole G Major Alto Ocarina "Aria"
12 Hole G Major Alto Ocarina "Aria"
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Product Description

Designed by Cris Gale, our Aria series blends a stylish aesthetic with comfortable ergonimics to create the ultimate playing experience. These ocarinas are professional instruments that sound as good as they look.

The Aria Alto G makes a perfect first ocarina. It has a very beginner friendly breath slope, a balanced tone that isn't shrill, and won't become obsolete as your ocarina collection grows.

This ocarina is about 6 inches long, accurately tuned in the key of G Major, with a pitch range of 13 notes. It also has the capability of performing sharps and flats.

We have included an online instructional booklet, as well as a songbook, Songs by John Dowland, with this ocarina. If you would like to have a different songbook instead, simply leave a note at the "comment" section when you check out. We'll be happy to switch it for you.

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